For a podcast about music from the past, we use a lot of modern pop culture and internet slang that we realize might not be universally known. Here’s a handy, ever-evolving glossary of terms you may have seen or heard us throw out occasionally (or excessively).

@ us (verb) — Pronounced “at us.” Contact us on social media, where you would respond directly to someone (us) using their @ handle. Most directly references Twitter, where you would type @username, but can be generalized to all of social media.

AF (adjective) — Shorthand for “as fuck.”

Baddie (noun) — A woman typically perceived by society as a “bad girl” or a “bad bitch.” She’s fierce, confident, always slaying the game, always independent, and always owning every aspect about her life.

Bae (noun) — Technically “Before Anyone Else,” shorthand for “babe,” or a term of endearment for someone similar to bub (see: bub). Typically reserved by ‘77 Music Club for attractive members of the opposite sex, to be honest. Variations include woke bae (noun, a bae who is progressive and enlightened in general).

BAMF (noun) — Badass motherfucker (sorry for swearing, mom)

Banger (noun) — A bop (see below) that is more intense, meant to be played on max volume, preferably on repeat, and raged to.

Bop (noun) — A really good song, a song you can bop to (verb) or exclaim “This is my JAM!” if you heard it come on in public.

Bop to (verb) — Dance to, groove to.

Bub (noun) — Good human, often of the smol (see: smol) variety, someone who you consider to be your (real or imagined) buddy, exceedingly nice or sweet. Variations include bubs (plural) and bubalub (noun, exceptionally bub)

Cinnamon roll (noun) — Term of endearment (“he/she is a cinnamon roll”). Someone exceedingly nice and sweet and cute. Someone who is too good for this world, too pure. Based on this Onion article that brought forth an entire meme.

Dad Rock (noun) — Sub-genre of classic rock. Many variations of the definition exist, but ours is a general “classic rock most dads listened to in their youth and maybe continue to listen to now that you’d find on most generic smooth, soft classic rock FM radio stations. (Think: Eagles, Steely Dan, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Traveling Wilburys, etc.)” aesthetic. Variations can get as granular as Mom Rock, which is the maternal variation, covering artists/bands more appealing to women (Think: Don Henley, Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks, James Taylor, etc.). We love Dad Rock and use it as a term of endearment.

Dope (adjective) Cool

Extra (adjective) — Excessive, over-the-top, above-and-beyond. ’77 Music Club typically uses it as a compliment, not a criticism.

Flex (verb) — To show off, gloat, or boast. Can also be used as a noun, ex. — “it’s a flex”

Goobie (noun) — Smol (see: smol) who is endearingly dorky, portmanteau of “goober” and “cutie.” Variations include goob (just a shorter version of “goobie”) or goobie goob (exceedingly goobie). Ex. – “Watch her terrible dance moves in this video. She’s such a goobie.”

Goobie (adjective) — Dorky, but endearingly so. Ex. – “Please direct your attention to these goobie dance moves.”

Head-sad music (noun) — Sad music that can feel cold, consuming, and endless, which can put you in an unhealthy anxious or depressed mindspace.

Heart-sad music (noun) — Sad music that’s emotional, good for crying, personal, and still leaves you with a return to happiness on the other side.

Highkey (adjective) — Very, a lot, intensely; straight-up, shout-from-the-rooftops

JB Homie (noun) — Jackson Browne

Lowkey (adjective) — Casually, secretly, on the downlow

OG (adjective) — Original. Variations include the og (noun — the original. obviously)

Pod (noun) — Short for podcast. Variations include friend of the pod (noun — friend of the podcast)

RihannaMagicDotGif (sometimes represented as RihannaMagic.GIF) — A way of spelling out the filename of an actual GIF, rather than just inserting the GIF, to express feeling. In the RihannaMagicDotGif version, this GIF of Rihanna expresses the feeling of clever deception, an “a-ha, got you!” moment.

Roll safe (verb) — Express caution, think before you act. Derivative of this meme. However, it appears now that this is the original roll safe.

Shade (noun) — A diss, an insult, or comment with slyly disrespectful undertones. Variations include throw shade (verb, to cast out shade) and no shade to ___ (no disrespect).

Shook (adjective) — Shocked, surprised, in awe. Variations include shooketh (adjective, exceptionally shook)

Smol (adjective) — Alternative version of small; young and/or small (in size), and extremely adorable. Variations include smol bean (adjective, really just a cuter smol human)

Stan (noun) — Enthusiastic fan. (Note, “stan” came to fruition as a portmanteau of “stalker” and “fan” from the 2000 Eminem song “Stan” about an overzealous, over-obsessed, maniacal fan for any celebrity. Its definition has since mellowed to this broad generalization.)

Stan (verb) — To champion for, to fan over.

TF (adjective) — Shorthand for “the fuck.” (Again, sorry for swearing, mom. That’s why we’re using these handy acronyms.)

Unfuckwithable (adjective) — Untouchable, intimidating, in a way, because the unfuckwithable person is at the top of their game, the best possible version of themselves that cannot be knocked down or fucked with by anyone.

Woke (adjective) — Culturally, socially, and/or politically aware and tuned-in. Variations include pre-woke (adjective, woke to something ahead of the trend) and woke bae (see: bae)

Zaddy (noun) — A very handsome, usually older, gentleman who is extremely stylish, good looking, and dripping in sex appeal.