Do you love music so much it makes your heart beat faster? Do you have that one album you can listen to on repeat without it ever growing old? Are you just a little curious about what makes the music you love the music you love? Join the club.

We — Carly and Carrie — met through a shared love of music made before we were born. It was music we grew up with, but it’s also music that has stayed in our hearts and brains and isn’t going anywhere. For us, music from generations past has evolved beyond the point of just something that feels good to listen to. It has become a rich history to devour, an influence in our writing and musicianship.

Every album has a story. Every lyric, every guitar solo, every production credit has a meaning. We believe that there is still space for analog in a digital world, that there’s something special about lying on the floor listening to your favorite LP. The music of the Boomers and Gen X isn’t reserved exclusively for our parents. As millennials, we are witnessing the continuation of our greater musical story; we are seeing the passing of the torch. Through this podcast, Carly and Carrie will be the ones carrying it for those who came before, because as those who are wiser than us have said: “You have to know where you came from to know where you’re going.”




Carly is an actor, singer, and bass guitarist. Music was a constant influence in her life from an early age: when she was in preschool, her teacher told her mother one day that she had been talking at length to some kids on the playground about the Eagles, their discography, and how Don Henley was her favorite drummer while the others could only stare back at her, confused. Her musical tastes have been confounding young and old alike ever since. Carly holds a BA in Theatre Arts from the Conservatory of Performing Arts at Point Park University and is a proud member of Actors’ Equity Association. Carly lives, works, and plays in New York, where she is forever on a quest to find an original vinyl pressing of The City’s Now That Everything’s Been Said. (If anyone out there has any leads, hit her up.)
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Carrie is a writer and social media editor at Condé Nast in New York. When she was 8, she begged her parents to take her to Woodstock ‘99. It was not until years later that she understood that, no, it was not the same as ‘69, and why they adamantly refused. A graduate of New York University with a dual degree in journalism and political science, her writing — on everything from pop culture and classic rock to the intersection of feminism and music — has been featured in print and online for publications like PitchforkPaper, NPR Music, Guitar World, Quartz, FLOOD, and more. One time she wrote a full thesis comparing Drake to Lindsey Buckingham (yes, really). // carriecourogen.com // @carriecourogen

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