A few of you have been wondering…

Why the name ‘77 Music Club?
Two main reasons:

  1. It’s because 1977 is one of the greatest years in rock and roll history. (At least, to us, but we will happily defend this opinion.) Of course, there are several other years that were fantastic for music, but no other year does it for us quite like this one. It’s also the year that we would like to travel to first when someone finally invents a time machine.
  2. It’s also an homage to the record clubs of the old days, when you could send away for membership and get an LP or 45″ in the mail every week or month. Carly’s dad belonged to one of these when he was a teenager in the ‘70s and she always thought it sounded like a rad deal.

What albums do you cover?
The short answer: Albums made before we were born.
The long answer: Classic albums that are the soundtrack to our lives and are made by bands we love. You’ll typically find us rooted in rock and roll, though that’s not to say we don’t branch out to other genres or variations on the form. We tend to focus more on albums that are often under-discussed, ones we feel could use a larger conversation about why they are significant and relevant — not only within their time period, but today, as well.

Wait… you only cover old music?
Yep. Primarily mid-60s to mid-80s, though, you never know, we could surprise you with something from the early ‘90s (Carrie would very much like to cover Emmylou Harris’s Wrecking Ball, for example) at some point.

But you… you weren’t alive then… so how do you know this music? 
A winning combination of good parents and other adult influences in our youth and our natural curiosity has led us to many, many beloved things that we missed out on at first because we were, inconveniently, not alive.

But, basically, you mean you won’t be doing Rumours any time soon.
Sorry, but not unless we can think of something brand new and unique to bring to the enormous discussion that already surrounds it.

What setup do you have?
We record with this Yeti Blue mic (episodes 5 on — the first four were recorded on your standard, basic dynamic handheld mic that we do not recommend) and edit the episode primarily in GarageBand, though sometimes making minor edits with Audacity. High tech!

Where are you based?
Sometimes in bedrooms of a Manhattan apartment, sometimes in a Target fort for children in the living room of the same Manhattan apartment.

When do you post new episodes?
A new episode goes live *roughly* once a month. (We did the every other week thing for awhile; we found that it’s a lot on top of our full-time careers and other side hustles and we want to make sure each episode is thoroughly researched and executed.)

How can I listen?
We stream (for free!) on Soundcloud — the player is embedded in each episode post here on our site — and can be downloaded to your podcast library from the iTunes store (for free!). We definitely recommend reading our companion “liner notes” for each episode either as you listen or after you’re done. All past episodes are archived here.

Are you on social media?
You can follow the podcast on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Spotify. Carrie and Carly are on Twitter and Instagram — Carrie is @carriecourogen on both Instagram and Twitter, Carly is @carlyforshort on Twitter and Instagram. Talk with us.